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Research in geoinformation science

Barbara Tversky at Stanford University
David M. Mark
Barry Smith, IFOMIS Leipzig and Department of Philosophy, Buffalo
Borut Zalik Home Page
Buffalo - Cognitive Science
Dan Montello
Dimitris Papadias

Helen Couclelis
Marc D Hauser
Max J. Egenhofer
Reg Golledge

Developmental Psychology

The theory theory is one of my motivations for writing the PhD thesis about formal models of human spatial conceptualizations. Alison Gopnik and Andrew Meltzoff are founders of the theory theory.
Other links to developmental psychologists and interesting projects:

Tools for literature search

Computer Science Papers NEC Research Institute CiteSeer Publications ResearchIndex

Links to the OGC and web mapping services (WMS)

deegree Home Page
Geospatial One-Stop
Internet Mapping Framework
Mapping the Web 101 - Standards
OGC Cookbook sample ReadME
OGC WMS Viewer
Open GIS Consortium, Inc. (OGC)
The wms-dev Archives
Web Map Server XML

Functional Programming



Human-Centered Semantic Web
OWL Web Ontology Language Semantics and Abstract Syntax
Semantic Search - The SHOE Search Engine
Semantic Translation - BUSTER
Using DAML+OIL as a Constraint Language for Topic Maps
What is an Ontology

Cognitive Science

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